Fashion, Feminism, Farce and Fannies

Hi everyone!

So on Monday past, John and I decided to get a wee bit of culture and set off in the direction of the Ulster Museum. If you’re looking for a little something different this weekend, I would definitely recommend including the museum in your plans. I was reading this month’s issue of Northern Woman, when I noticed that the museum was hosting an exhibition entitled Fashion and Feminism. This really caught my eye, and it was definitely the driving force behind making the plans. With the launch of the 26th season of West Coast Cooler Fashion Week in Belfast today by girl boss Cathy Martin, this exhibition is a must see.

Showcasing some wonderful outfits from the time of the suffragettes, alongside some very interesting historical information, right up to the iconic Dior “WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS” t-shirt from 2017, this entertaining and thought-provoking exhibition offers a great way to lose a bit of time on a Saturday morning…

Another exhibition on at the minute at the Ulster Museum is a collection of comic prints by Mary and Matthew Darly. This husband and wife duo produced over 500 humorous comic prints in the dace from 1770 to 1780, and there are 100 of them on display right now in Belfast. The subjects of these illustrations are notable figures from the 1770s, and when viewed alongside their explanations can be quite a hilarious sight to behold:


I also spotted evidence that emojis are definitely not a new phenomenon, with this wonderful hieroglyphic letter written from Great Britain to America in May 1778…

We also had a little look at the Game of Thrones tapestry for a final time (it has since come to the end of its display at the Ulster Museum) if only to giggle a little at this comical depiction of Tommen in his final moments:

Also on display at the minute is Amedeo Modigliani’s famous Female Nude. Painted in 1916, this gorgeous work of art is displayed alongside some other similar nudes, while the main gallery at the museum is being renovated for the visit of Dippy on Tour from the Natural History Museum in London.

All in all, there is lots to see at the Ulster Museum this weather, on top of all the awesome stuff there permanently (Nobel Peace Prize Medal, Meteorite Slice, the Girona Salamander, the Malone Hoard, Takabuti…). You can also check out the beautifully renovated Tropical Ravine next door, and have coffee or lunch at the Yellow Door on-site eatery.

Fashion & Feminism runs until 2nd June 2019

Wicked Wit, Mary and Matthew Darly runs until 23rd September 2018

Modigliani Female Nude on display until 28th October 2018

Dippy on Tour arrives 28th September 2018 – 6th January 2019

Much love!

Ash xx

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