A little about me…

Thanks for joining me! I’m Aisling, I’m a Biomedical Scientist, I’m obsessed with lipstick, glitter, beauty products and toiletries, and I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety for a few years now (but if we’re being honest, I’ve had these issues all my life). I’m hoping you are going to find something useful here, […]

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Six dishes in heaven with Nico…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m going to assume you caught some of the hype surrounding the opening of Belfast’s hottest new restaurant last week, Six by Nico (the 5000 bookings made in the first week alone should testify). The founder, Nico Simeone, already has restaurants in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and they all […]

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Oh Christmas Tree!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Christmas can be such a beautiful, happy, exciting time of year, for most people. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what Christmas time means to me, and noticing a lot more of the significance of the season. I’m sure a lot of you could see Christmas […]

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My Skincare Heroes

For years, I have put myself firmly in the “adult acne” category. My face was never without a breakout, and I religiously used every anti-blemish product I could find, thinking I would eventually find something that would clear my skin up. After a spa facial where I was informed my skin was very dehydrated, it […]

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Kildare Shopping Village

Hi everyone! Last weekend I was invited down to visit Kildare Shopping Village, just outside Dublin. I’ve never been before, but I had heard it has a lot to offer. Kildare Shopping Village is a member of the Bicester Village Shopping Collection, a family of 11 luxury shopping villages across Europe and China. Kildare has […]

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